About Us


Payandab Tavan Consulting Engineers (PCE) group was founded in 2003. It provides overarching professional consultancy services to a range of private, municipal, public governmental and non-governmental authorities’ clients, seemly.

All PCE’s portions serve value sensitive design materials to each other and the clients in a normative manner. Characterizing complexity and quantifying uncertainty in hydro systems projects, coupled with the goal of improving our understanding of these systems and mutuality with ethics and sustainability, are the hallmarks of our professional normative practice.

Professional Services

Value Sensitive consulting of Hydrosystems Engineering.

Ethical parallel research in hydrosystems development.

Sustainability and resilience of aging infrastructures.

Intrinsic element and endogenous factor analysis of infrastructures.

Water oriented Socio-Technical and Remedial studies.

Sustainable Hydro-Energy-Systems Development.

Renewable Energy